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Military spokesperson warns against whoever abuses name of Sisi, armed forces

Posted by | Be a Radio Tram Reporter | No Comments
Military Spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Ali called for reporting against whoever abuses the armed forces or name of Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, defense minister, within electoral campaigns for presidency.
“Security services noticed over the past few days that group of people founded a popular campaign to nominate Sisi to presidency. It has coordinators at every governorate and around 1,500 members,” Ali posted on Facebook on Monday.
“That group held rallies at several governorates to urge citizens join the campaign for fees that range between LE125-LE200,” he added.
“The campaign distributed cards for the members with slogans of defense and interior ministries to prove their membership. It convinced the members that they will offer several advantages 50 percent discount on services rendered by stores, restaurants and hotels that have the campaign slogan. They abused the name of Sisi to seize a plot of eight acres in Moqattam that is allocated for cooperatives,” he said.
Ali warned against people who abuse name of Sisi or the armed forces to get donations or advantages illegally.
“Whoever abuses name of armed forces or its leader under the claim of supporting the electoral campaign of Sisi will be questioned,” Ali said calling on ‘honorable citizens’ to immediately report against whoever commits such actions.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm