Our Story

Radio Tram is a community Radio and it’s main vision, to create a platform of free Media,  founded and funded by youth,  can be independent, profitable and can represent the talents and the events that take place in Alexandria -that have a special cultural and artistic taste, as well.

Our Objectives

  • Creating free and independent hub in Alexandria.
  • Spread the special spirit of our beloved city.
  • Supporting the Alternative Media.
  • Give a space for Underground and local artists to spread their talents.
  • Spot on local events, away from the capital.
  • Add new value to the advertising market by adding new tools as online Radio Station.
  • Connecting the civil society and active organizations together by giving them the space to represent their activities.

Who Are We?

We are a young team who is really passionate about the Alexandrian culture, and ho really believes in the youth empowerment and developments. Radio Tram is totally funded by the youth themselves and most of team are working as volunteers just because they believe in what they are presenting and giving to the society. Almost all the Radio Tram are under 30 years and they did not study Media or Journalism , they came from different backgrounds, Engineers.