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! لا تتردد بالإتصال بنا

معظم العاملين براديو ترام من المتطوعين , و للأسف لا يوكن أماكن للعمل شاغرة الآن , و لكن هذا لا يمنع إنه يمكنك الإتصال بنا إذا كان لديك أفكار للتعاون أو أفكار إبداعية جديدة

كيف تصل إلينا ؟

يمكنك الإتصال بمدير راديو ترام أ/ عمر حاتم من خلال البريد الإلكترونى أو أرسل لنا على البريد الإلكترونى الخاص بالإستفسارات .

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  1. Honourable official,

    I am sorry to inform you on report in relation hate fracking crime portals frau Horeb, ‘goosjen it new ”golden calf’; frau dak’, ””’it is God ‘colleague” ,same cunning writing ”she comes from ”Hashem” goosjen people,” looking for reasons to let shoot on her”2-11-2016 statements inmates.We are cybercrime (A.Ansip, N.Kroes) abused and the government spin (military,industrial financial) money with. I trust on your investigation the called matters staged ministries who might have crime inlaid you by Koenders diplomacy like was the case in Egypte, and Turkey according to BBCtalksport 1-11-2016 ”ten points”:there are a lot of refugees, retailers with Egypt origin that portray internet interactive crime do need to be informed on.

    Subject: Fwd: to Court officials,on big scandal Crystal Gate in connexion Egypte, Mubarak, Sisi, M.Diab dutch Ministries Ovost interconnected

    Fw: to Court officials,on big scandal Crystal Gate within likud goosjen it undertakers given backdoor way out by government

    now living in Londen our cunman pimp Astrid Antonczyk /Oets bartender D66 Jan Terlouw in connexion Egypte, Mubarak, Sisi,

    M.Diab dutch Ministries/Koenders Ovost congenial princes Aisha DC Washington/Hillary C. interconnected

  2. A rebirth egyptian values go oriental M.Diab

    Litanie Sinoehoe prose nowadays crime assault with contributions on Diab, Aisha, Sisi to the dehumanization taken out on movie- spectator -volunteer

    Contributions also given M.Diab cineast in it goosjen ”styx ”, motteballen”, vodofoon synopsis” according to BBCtalksport 1-11-1016 connexions- follower our privacies p.p.eye (declared ”wicked”, rub for Aisha it moviefunding) in it goosjen connexions societal had really let movie volunteers clash on his set ”Clash”, to be disputed.

    If thats a good movie roadmap to be continued, to have the movie volunteers talked into ‘SELF DAMAGE’, driven to act out of character and instructs that this ”reality behaviour” earned our admiration. It: ‘must happen voluntarily,’ (‘Vijzelgracht Contribution employees) they have to pay it own hospital bill.’BBCtalksport :”let them dominate for wicked man”.

    Tense Sinoehoe was then still there between accountability and voluntarily when the king invited him to return to his countrey,fled across the border with the change of rule, and the attack on him.

    M.Diab with Aisha funder as a lethal alarming public space combination keep them operate on the wrong track, becom critical Diab typified Sisi PROTEGE and accomplice, appears to be a turncoat with A propaganda stunt film as a fearsome killing pit. A film that submit the authorities themselves for Oscar nominations.

    Figuring Sisi it protestwet Tense was not there protesters had applied for the demonstration and had been approved of by authorities. Sisi one veil undergamers target had await Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh acquintance M.Diab a human rights activist mother had appeared a planned murder axis. with multiple security groups to see at the picture by BBC talskport commented when she was liquidated in cold blood ”Certain nominee as someone who causes problems’

    Diab was placed in the goosjen Camp report was done on genital damage by M. Diab my person library messenger 31-10-2016, M.Diab close connected to Job Cohen called ”captain seguiduille”,sadists,by BBCfive life 30-30-2016 interconnected it crime origen palestine affaires special interest commit to a century .

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